"Starry Night"

This drawing comes from a scene I found on the back cover of the video box which actually turned out to have been cut from the actual movie! The scene showed Foxy and Vic near each other at night with a hand painted starry background. I loved the look of the hand painted background and wanted to reproduce it's look for my finished piece of artwork. The first suitable replacement that came to mind was Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night," which happened to be my favorite painting done by the master anyway. So I combined my drawing with his painting and you can see the stunning way it turned out.

As with my first drawing of Foxy I originally drew this on vacation in Atlanta, Georgia, and had to wait until I returned to college a week later to color it. I am very glad I took the time and waited instead of doing a sloppy rush job. I purposely sized this drawing at 800 x 600 resolution so that it could be used as a Windows background.

This drawing was done on 80lb. medium surface Strathmore drawing paper. For the rough pencil work I used a .05mm mechanical pencil with 5H lead. I used 2HB lead for line darkening. The result was cleaned up and darkened with Paint Shop Pro 3. The print out was on standard fax/copy paper and was colored with Crayola colored pencils. The lettering and background were added with Paint Shop Pro 7.02. The painting used as a background is "Starry Night" painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

This drawing is 800 x 600 and can be used as a Windows background!

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