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Post details: A New Solo Midwest Furfest Skit Idea for Foxee

A New Solo Midwest Furfest Skit Idea for Foxee

Posted by: The Mad Scientist

Last June at the DucKon 14 Science Fiction Convention in Naperville, Illinois, I was lucky enough to run into the director of the Midwest Furfest Variety Show. I told him about my idea of building an animatronic robot of Foxee and having her perform in this year's Midwest Furfest Variety show, and he seemed very interested. However, when I told him that my main idea for a performance involved Foxee teaming up with "Georgia Belle," the animatronic fursuit designed, built, and operated by Kittfoxx, he told me that Kittfox may not be performing in the Variety Show this year because he was planning to be an artwork dealer. That lead me for the first time to start seriously planning a new skit idea for the Variety Show in case I wouldn't have anyone else to perform my singing duet with Foxee, and Foxee had to go on stage by herself. I have since talked with Kittfoxx and he said that he would be willing to work with me and do a skit together with Foxee, but just incase things do not work out, I have continued to develop my solo skit idea anyway. Here's what I have:

The "Mad Scientist" Skit

I have joked around for years with my friends that I am a kind of "mad scientist" since I spend much of my free time building strange electronic gadgets (with more and more of them involving high voltage) and coming up with new characters and comics. Because of that, I figured I could play with the mad scientist theme and do a "Dr. Frankenstein" parody skit where I play as a desperate and single mad scientist that builds a robotic fox companion to go out with on Saturday nights!

The scientist can start the skit by lecturing to the audience as if the skit was an actual university science demonstration. He would explain that he was trying to unravel the greatest mystery plaguing mankind, "women," but when he was unsuccessful at trying to find a female subject to take back to his lab to "study intimately" at the local "alcoholic beverage consumption establishment" (bar), he decided to give up and build his own robot woman instead.

When the mad scientist goes to bring his robotic creation to life, the lights in the banquet room will go dark and there will be a whole bunch of high-voltage electric props on stage that give a frightening display, all while the mad scientist is screaming, "It's alive! It's alive!" Some of the high voltage props could include plasma balls, lumina discs, strobe lights, and possibly a high-voltage "Jacob's Ladder" like what was shown in the original Frankenstein film if I can build one in time. Then, when the Foxee does come to life, she turns out to be cynical and sarcastic to the mad scientist, and a hilarious dialog ensues between her and the scientist as she rebuffs his advances. Some possible dialog between the two could be:

Mad Scientist: Don't get smart with me! Your brain is made from an 8-bit Atari console!
Foxee: Well then I guess I have 7 more bits in my head than you've got!

Foxee: You built me to go out on a date with you? Isn't a guy dating a fox illegal in the state of Illinois?
Mad Scientist: No, no, no! *Those* kinds of experiments will happen later, at the Motel Super 8...."
Foxee: I don't know what disturbs me more, the sound of your experiments, or your cheap choice of hotels!

The dialog between the Mad Scientist will be snappy and light-hearted, and the content will be no worse than anything heard on a Simpsons episode. In fact, the proposed dialog above is as risque as I would ever go. The dialog between Foxee and the scientist will last about 30-seconds, and will end with Foxee rejecting him for his date. After that he marks down on a clipboard about how Foxee acted the same way as every other "test subject" he asked out, and then announces to the crowd that at his next lecture he will be testing how his new giant death ray and how he just found "a brand new lab animal to test it on," motioning to Foxee. The skit then closes with a nervous Foxee calling out to the audience, "Yikes! Is there a member of Greenpeace in the house?"

I am guessing that this skit will be about 5 minutes long and that it could be extremely funny once I work out all of the jokes for the dialog between Foxee and the Mad Scientist. I will post updates to this blog as I go along. I have most of the props required for this skit already, including even a mad scientist's lab coat! I already have a plasma ball and a strobe light, and if I want to spend the extra cash I know where I can buy lumina discs and the parts to build a high voltage Jacob's Ladder. While I don't have any professional acting skills, I have starred in a few of my university theater major friends short films, and they never complained about my acting-- so it can't be too horrible. I originally didn't want to act on stage myself leaving that up to Foxee, but if I have to I am sure that I can pull it off.

My biggest concerns about doing this skit is the cost of the extra props, and the extremely difficult chore of finding a voice actress and recording equipment to record her with to provide the voice of Foxee. (Any people that are female voice actors or have recording equipment please feel free to contact me if you would like to volunteer.) I have a female acquaintance that I used to know back in high school that has some acting experience and I am thinking about asking her to help me, but boy will that be one odd question to ask! In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for improvement about this skit, and whether or not you think it will go over well at Midwest Furfest Variety Show. Thanks!


Comment from: Robert King [Visitor]
I'm sure we can find you a voice actress.
Permalink 07/24/05 @ 16:18

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